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I realize that in real estate, many of us blog about our businesses but tonight, I want to take the opportunity to tell you about something very dear to my heart.  You see - In the last few years, I have become acquainted with a wonderful program that is held at Carolina Beach each year (and many other locations) called "Life Rolls On".  You can read all about it at https://liferollson.org/northcarolina/.  The founder, Jesse Billauer, says:

"Laugh 'til you cry. Leave with new best friends. And see that dreams really do come true."

I have a special needs Grandson, Spencer, and he has been going to the event for several years now.  Let's just say, he has not had this much fun doing anything else.  These teams are trained to assist each and every participant up on the surf board.  They ride, swim, and hold onto the participant as the participants surf the waves.  It is a true and very rewarding team effort...one that you can see on every volunteer's face.  But most of all, when you see the smiles on the participants faces and laughter as they float onto shore on their surf boards, you cannot help but feel the warmth and happiness for these individuals because this is their day.  A day that they can be just like any other "normal" person.

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Posted by Jane Bartlett on August 6th, 2018 9:31 PM


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