In our current state of the economy, we many times hear of people giving up...thinking that it is so bad they don't have the ability to go on.  They may have fallen in their faith, their financial status, or many other areas of their life.  I ran across a video of Nick Vujicic and saw how his story has encouraged his audiences and wanted to share it with you as well.  Nick is from Australia and was born with no arms, no legs, and only one foot.  Rather than continuing to feel down about his misfortune, he realized his purpose and put that into action by speakng to many groups all over the world.  Take a moment to listen to some of his words of encouragement.  I promise that you will be blessed by his message that he was "born to win" and that no matter how many times he fails, he continues to get up and try again because he WAS born to win.

Jane Bartlett

I Was Born To Win