Sellers Closing Costs

We will discuss all offers, no matter how good or bad.  As a seller agent, my duty is to negotiate the sales contract for you and in your best interest.  I will not only work to get the sales price you want, I will also work to limit the amount of closing costs for which you will be responsible.  It will ultimately be your decision as my position is to recommend different options so that you are familiar with how best to respond.  There may be certain limitations with my participation if I am acting as a Dual Agent.  Please refer to the infomation available under agency on this web site.

I will walk you through the closing costs associated with listing your home to prepare you for an offer as well as when we receive an offer on your home.  Each Seller Net Proceeds Calculation will allow you to know a projected net if you accept an offer as received.  I will also answer any questions you may have explaining which costs are decreed by law to be yours and which are negotiable.